drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

TeaBaggers Or Somali Pirates

In Light of the Recent HORRORS! We watch the Excess of Socialist Domination of the Free Trade In Free Markets off the coast of Somalia, where the visciousness of those who hate the majikal marvels of the market's messaging systems....

More of the SAME OLD HORROR of the godless communist Regime that has Nationalize Warfighting and thus injected this HIDDEOUS AND HEINOUS jack booted Iron Fisted Excess Governmental Regulation of the Free market.

have you ever noticed that both TeaBaggers and Somali Pirates are being taxed to death like this by the Socialists!

And BOTH do not have proper representation in the US Congress!!!!

and Both want to mortar the godless liberals in congress....

Although, most TeaBaggers will laugh at it, and say, 'but we were only making a funny....'
Tags: republican_pron

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