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TeaBaggers, In Somalia????

Donald M. Payne, a New Jersey congressman and the chairman of the House sub-committee on Africa, narrowly escaped a mortar attack on Monday as he was ending a quick and rare visit to Somalia’s bullet-ridden capital. Just a day after American military snipers killed three Somali pirates and freed a kidnapped sea captain, eliciting vows of revenge from pirates and other Somalis, several mortars exploded in the vicinity of Mr. Payne’s plane as it was taking off from Mogadishu’s airport for Nairobi, Kenya.
[ cf Mortars Threaten U.S. Congressman’s Plane in Somalia ]
No seriously.

Remind me again, why we should not credit the TeaBaggers? You know, the folks who advocate a Tax Revolt inside of their own Insurrection while the nation is @War....
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