drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How can You Tell He Is Boring

He actually Read the Treasury Bond Auction Numbers...

The URl for the bills be Bills auction and the giggler for me is:

Recent Treasury Bill Auction Results

Term Issue Date Maturity Date Discount Rate % Investment Rate % Price Per $100 CUSIP

10-DAY 04-07-2006 04-17-2006 4.685 4.756 99.869861 912795TU5
11-DAY 04-06-2006 04-17-2006 4.675 4.747 99.857153 912795TU5
28-DAY 04-06-2006 05-04-2006 4.550 4.630 99.646111 912795XA4
91-DAY 04-06-2006 07-06-2006 4.535 4.651 98.853653 912795XK2
182-DAY 04-06-2006 10-05-2006 4.670 4.849 97.639056 912795XY2
14-DAY 04-03-2006 04-17-2006 4.685 4.759 99.817806 912795TU5
28-DAY 03-30-2006 04-27-2006 4.630 4.711 99.639889 912795WZ
WOW!!! 10/11 day short floaters...

and we have not had any of the Notes, Bonds and TIps pissed out the door since the 2006.03.31 sales

No Wonder El Presidente was getting all public about how Sec. Snow was such a nice guy, and his bestest bestest friend. WHY DAMN just the same sort of language he used for Tom DeLay, and Scooter Libbey, well at least up until Scooter Rolled Over to become State's Evidence, I guess Scooter is more afraid that the International War Crimes Tribunal will come after him if he doesn't give up someone more important on those War Crimes Charges. Guess that maybe getting into a Liquid Cash Position is a Good Play pending the prospects that the President may have to start liquidating positions quickly.

So the Big Question - will he risk taking resignations? Or will he go for the Assasinations? Or will he make it look like some sort of Terrorist Assault that majikally liquidated all of the defective units that were beginning to be a mill stone around his neck and tarnishing his Most Victorious Military Leader EVER! pendant!!!

But the good news SEEMS to be that the prospect of an Inverted Interest Curve has been avoided for the moment, but then there is that reality check, is anyone buying american debt to help pay off the actual debt that the fed's have been pushing out there. Or is this just the prelude to the Government going into Chapter 11 so that they can get rid of their costly pension and medical programs.

{ warning whiners - the Vets are getting coverage under those SSI/Medicare Program, so please do NOT PUNK YOURSELF in front of me with how much you support the policies of screwing over the veteran's community as you want the Nation to Default on the SSI payments... }

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