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Bad Film Combo's - ugh....

My Godless Evil Liberal friends left some DVD's with me to see. Seven Days In May and They Live.
( but yes, you should also see The Enemy Within an HBO remake of Seven days. )

What makes this a bad combo is that we still live one week away from the transference of National Weapons Release Authority, ( cf The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012 ). The Gory bit is that the rhetoric really has not changed. Even more so since Komrade Party Leader Santorum, and friends, are all doing their thing about the Enemy Within, and the usual list of scary bits.

What makes the John Carpenter Thriller ILL TIMED, is that the FruitBat starts the film out with the comedy lines about how the Protagonist had just come out from Denver where 'suddenly 14 banks failed', and the other big giggler about how these problems are always the same, given that it is the end of the century moment, so of course everyone gets a bit freaky in the fin du cycle.

But remind me again, how the economic down turn of 2007 is a part of the fin du cycle?

The upside for TheyLive is that we can of course blame it on the Evil Liberals of Wall Street, who are all in Kahoots with the Space Aliens...

Not like decent folks who all play fair, and follow the rules....

Don't get me wrong here folks, I am not expressly asserting that John Carpenter is a part of the Psuedo Crypto Fascist Movement, who were involved in off loading the fiscal fiasco of Deregulation on Space Aliens....

But one does have to wonder about that....

What did he know, and when did he know it...
Tags: film, republican_pron

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