drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Film Suffering.

Hey kids, ever have that undying URGE to see The North Star - the one that Dana Andrews didd after the The Ox-Bow Incident and right before he showed up in John Ford's The Perl Harbor Story.

Clearly a solid Red Communist Background - and a clear and compelling reason to ban it.

Worse yet, that frightening moment in the Film when one is SOOOOOO GLAD that there will NOT be one more Godless Communist Song And Dance Routine!!! And you hate to admit it, but you are SOOOO thankful that the Stuka's show up to bomb things. If for no other reason than to stop this HORRIBLE SONG AND DANCE ROUTINE!!!!

We Suffer so that you do not have to.

Now, remember, send a tea bag to your represenatives in congress and point out to them that there can be no taxation without representation, and that Unless they STOP the Communist In Congress, we may all become victimized by this Garish Level of Red Communist Song and Dance Routines!!!

TeaBagging! IT is not merely about supporting a tax revolt inside of an insurrection inside of the Nation Being More @WAR than ever Before! It's about stopping the HORROR of Red Communist Hollywood Song and dance films that would clearly cause Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gaines Taxes if we do not stop them NOW!!!

Are YOU doing your part to stop the terrorists from rebranding?
Tags: film, republican_pron

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