drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

French Continue Defeatist Crushing Of Hopes!

I was shocked!!! SHOCKED I tell you to hear that the Evil French opted to use Statist Socialist Welfare Tactics in their on going BRUTAL SOCIALIST REPRESSION of the free trade in the free markets:
Navy commandos stormed a French sailboat held by pirates off the Somali coast Friday in an assault triggered by threats the passengers would be executed. But one hostage was killed in the operation, demonstrating the risks of a military operation against sea bandits.

Four hostages, including a small child, were freed, French Defense Minister Herve Morin said. Two pirates also were killed and three others were taken prisoner. They are to be brought to France for criminal proceedings, joining 12 pirates already jailed and awaiting trial here.

It was the third time the French have freed hostages from the hands of pirates but the first time a hostage had been killed.

[ cf French free sailboat from pirates, 1 hostage dies ]
Did they even THINK that there are well known economic triggers in a free market that woudl have resolved these problems without the HORRORS of an Iron Fisted Jack Booted Godless Socialist Welfare State's Vindictive BRUTAL Repression of the Free Trade in Free Markets!!!

{ remember boys and NonPerKin, when you let them NATIONALIZE warfare, the Socialist Welfare State is already in Place... Those folks should have bought the appropriate hedge funds.... They should not have opted for some sort of socialist welfare state bail out... }
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