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Has anyone had a chance to explain to them where the term came from?

Hello... Is TeaBagging really a lifestyle choice????

Do TeaBaggers really want to have some sort of majikal extra special representation in congress????

And should there be a distinction drawn between social teabaggers and fiscal teabaggers?

Now taht the head of the GOP is not allowed to speak at TeaBagging Festivals, is it time for the GOP to Just Say NO! to TeaBaggers????

That if they want to go off and continue to be confused about how the process of a republic works, that they should do that as the national TeaBagger Kult, so that they can get the appropriate 503(c) non-profit status, so that as a Certifiable Religion, they should not be taxed, and in exchange, they will comply with the LBJ based rules, that Religious Organizations should not be political organizations....


Hold it....

Hold It!!!

The problem is that the wrong civilian president is in the white house, and therefore it is clear and compellingly proofed that there is no representation for these Oppressed Ruling Elites have no other choices but to TeaBag until they are freed from the tyranny of the false Executive Unitary Principles...

{ ZOMG!!! I was shocked to find out that TeaBagging is NOT a fiscally sound policy Model!!! }
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