drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Is George W. Bush ...

.. and why does he hate both himself and america?

But IS HE REALLY that High?
The White House on Friday declined to challenge assertions that President Bush authorized the leaks of intelligence information to counter administration critics on Iraq.

But Bush's spokesman, Scott McClellan, appeared to draw a distinction about Bush's oft-stated opposition to leaks.

''There is a difference between providing declassified information to the public when it's in the public interest and leaking classified information that involved sensitive national intelligence regarding our security,'' he said.

[ cf AmeriKanPravda: White House Declines to Counter Leak Claim ]
In Related News, the Attorney General Supported the Little Cited Doctrine that the President is allowed to have not only any american's communications intercepted without a warrent, but also the power to recind their right to breath american oxygen if the President does not feel that they are a part of the team effort to be all that they can be. SInce of Course, we are in a time of transferring the tax burden onto the unborn, and the most important thing in a time of transferring the tax burden onto the unborn is the ability to abandon the troops in the field and play around with domestic political scandals of one's own making rather than confine one's self to the conduct of the law.

Similar positions were clarified when the attorney generarl was offered annonymity, and he pointed out as how the President is allowed to Detain Himself without legal counsel and be tortured until he finally decides why it was that it was so important to have himself tortured, on the tax payer dollar, rather than support the Majikal Invisible Hand of the Market Place and let Helga's House of Pain show why it has such a dominant share of the market, and the Market Likes It That Way!!!

Mean while Terrorists Cliques have been threatening america again:
"Only the president can put this matter to rest. He must tell the American people whether the Bush Oval Office is the place where the buck stops, or the leaks start," Reid said.
[ cf Reuters: W. House does not dispute Bush leak allegation ]
Which is Precisely the Sort of Left Wing America Bashing God Hating that we have come to expect from Atheists who oppose the Divine Will Of God and the Mandate of Heaven!!! Since These Bush Bashers Opposed the President it clearly is no longer really a matter of whether the president has ever known the president, let alone dressed up for the president in that little blue dress that the president really likes, that doesn't make his butt look too fat. They just do not like the president and are trying to persecute him for strictly partisan political reasons!!!! Those Evil Doers MUST remember
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!
You Must Acquit!!!
Because the President IS the President and Congress authorized him to be able to take himself out for a dinner and a movie, and if the president invites himself back for a few late night drinks, it's ok for the president to, well, take liberties with himself, becasuse Congress Authorized Him!!!

We look forward to the President returning to his plain spoken ways about how he has always held a position for or against himself and will stay that course!

Or the Terrorists Win!

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