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Which is the scam in the driver's seat?

Gold dropped to a 10-week low in London on speculation the world financial crisis may be easing, reducing the precious metal’s appeal as a haven. Silver fell.

Bullion has tumbled 5 percent in three days, wiping out this year’s gains, on expectations government efforts will revive the global economy. The MSCI World Index of shares has climbed 23 percent in the past month as the metal has lost 6 percent. The biggest exchange-traded fund backed by gold fell for the first time in two weeks.

[ cf Gold Drops to 10-Week Low in London as Haven Demand Declines ]
Financial crisis? What Finanancial Crisis?

Could it be that folks were starting to count on both the change in FASBy to make the mark to fantasyIsland accounting model, the standard. Or should we opt in on the happy thot that they have been really excited with how well the Obama Team has been at nationalizing everything....

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