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Obamanites Threaten To Socialize Medicine!!!

President Obama, for all his charms, could not persuade CNN's medical wonder Sanjay Gupta to give up his network salary and private-sector lifestyle and seek to become the new U.S. surgeon general.

But this week Team Obama did manage to pull off a major medical coup in that nexus between television and politics that might be called Hollywood on the Potomac.

As the Ticket reported earlier, actor Kal Penn, who gained fame as the costar of the raucous and profane cult favorite "Harold and Kumar" stoner comedies, and is seen above playing a doctor on Fox TV's popular "House" with actor Hugh Laurie, is heading to Washington to work from what he calls "the front door" of Obama's White House.

[ cf Actor Kal Penn credits Ghandi as he leaves Hollywood for Obama's Washington ]
What More Obvious Evil Liberal Code Word Encrusted Document to americans need!

Bringing Known Kommunist Reds From Hollywood To The White House?

What sort of New Day In America Is This? I mean are we really Facing the Bed Time For Bonzo of Modern Medicine as the Obamnites Destroy our white christian America with Actors!!!

I mean, is this Penn guy even a Real Darkie??? or is that too just a part of his whole Act!

Someone Call Glenn Beck!!!

Our Freedom From Reality Is Threatened AGAIN!!!
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