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Why does the Red Cross Hate FREEDOM!!!

Health workers violated medical ethics when they helped interrogate terrorism suspects who were tortured at secret CIA prisons overseas, the International Committee of the Red Cross said.

The medical workers, thought to be doctors and psychologists, monitored prisoners while they were mistreated at CIA prisons and advised interrogators whether to continue, adjust or halt the abuse, the ICRC said in a report based on interviews with 14 prisoners in 2007.

[ cf Red Cross says doctors helped CIA "torture" ]

Did someone forget about how it is ONLY by the Brilliant Massive Mental Powers of the All Knowing, All Seeing War President that the Iranqian Flying Saucers and their Darkie Underlings have been prevented from attacking the Great White Christian America.

And if the War President says that we have to torture and keep on torturing it is every patriotic american's duty to do their part to keep on torturing or the Iranqian Flying Saucers will Come BACK!!!

I mean maybe if the so called Red Kommunist Cross understood what it was like to have Iranqian Flying Saucers and their Darkie Underling rampaging around in their neighboorhoods imposing capital gains taxes to spawn Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista, well, they too would understand that some times the survival of the species take precendence over giving the little children lollipops and marketting brocheures.

Or maybe there is still that problem with being the unindicted co-conspirator to a war crime...

Hum... what if it had been an american welfare queen from the DOD being tortured....
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