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Poseur Or TeaBagger, you be the Fair And WingNuttery

A man who commandeered a training plane in Canada and led U.S. military aircraft on a seven-hour flight across the Midwest told the officers who found him that he'd hoped he would be shot down, a Missouri state trooper said.

"It was [attempted] suicide," said Lt. Jeffrey Vitale of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, one of the first five officers at the scene.

[ cf Pilot wanted to be shot down, trooper says ]
Sorry that was a trick question.

All Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gains Tax Enablers are demon spawn of Satan, which is why a tax revolt in the middle of an insurrection in a time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU is what must be done to keep our white christian america, sparkling clean...
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