drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But what is wrong with an american Police State?

There is an argument that the "Red Scare" Palmer raids of the early 1920s plus the fact that nominal wages had just been boosted by wartime inflation made it easy in the early 1920s to shrink nominal spending during the post-WWI deflation without causing a Great Depression--nonfarm unemployment peaked at only 16%. But to me, at least, the spectacle of a market system that is capable of rapid nominal adjustment only under a police state is not to attractive.
[ cf Maynard Keynes Might Say: Real Wages and the Great Depression ]

If you oppose the Police State, you oppose the Police, therefore you are a dirty stinking hippie who is stabbing our troops in the back.

Thus your type need to be interned for reasons of national security, and tortured until YOU tell how many of your communist fellow travellors are undermining our white christian america!!!

It's What Jack Bauer would do, and he is a real TV Police Person, and he knows that only by a Massive Police state and State Sponsored Torture, can we be protected from Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gains Taxes!!!

Any questions?
Tags: republican_pron

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