drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Liberal media Stabs More Troopies In Back...

As numerous bloggers quickly pointed out, [Daphne ] Merkin's parenthetical disclosure -- "I did not know Mr. Madoff nor did I invest with his firm, but have a sibling who did business with him" -- didn't come anywhere close to fully informing readers about her personal tie to the case. That sibling is Ezra Merkin, the financier and former chairman of GMAC, who was the second-largest institutional investor in Madoff's funds, losing billions of other people's money....

[T]he Times doesn't appear to agree that the disclosure was inadequate enough to fix -- even now that Ezra Merkin has been formally charged.... Andrew Rosenthal told TPMmuckraker that he had no plans to revisit the issue....

[ cf New York Times Crashed-and-Burned Watch: Fire Andrew Rosenthal. Fire Andrew Rosenthal Now ]

You mean that the fact that one is in league with satan is something that should be disclosed as a part of some sort of journalistic ethics????


This just prooves that Evil Liberal Media Attackers Hate the Guacamole, because they are not willing to support the Freedom of the Guacamole, that is all that can be said of the thingus and Pooh...

Ok, so who would have thunk that GMAC, the cash cow of GM, would get GUTTED by a Godless Madoff, in some sort of Unregulated Market Scam FORCED Upon the Innocents of GM, by the Community Re-investment Act, that allowed darkies to move into white neighborhoods with Tax Payers Dollars, simply because GAYS want to marry your children and destroy white Christian America with their capital gains taxes!!!

It is just shocking what the evil liberal media is doing these days....
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