drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Proof that Evil Liberals are Stabbing The Troops In The Back.

One of my GODLESS Unamericans went through what can only be called clear and compelling proof that they Hate the Guacamole and are stabbing the troops in the back.

This Heathen ordered something on line from what was suppose to be a reputable vendor.

Now the Heathen wants to argue that they got ripped off, since in their mind they did not get what they bought.

But we all know that is FALSE!!!! Since under the Great Mark To Fantasy Island Economic Policy Model - the fact that they paid for an asset means that they have that asset at that price!!! If they did not have the asset, then they would not have paid for the asset. I mean how else can it Be!!!

That they want to have some corporation stop payment for the alleged failure to deliver, is just more of the same old Hatred Of Freedom that liberals always want to impose on the Free Market!!!

Now MORE than ever, americans must chant, loud and proud
De inSane!!!
De inSane!!!
Since if they were outSane they would be obviously crazy!!! But since the embrace the inSanity of FASB rules, then of course we must have a Mark to Fantasy Island Policy Model!!!

Tags: republican_pron

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