drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ZOMGZ!!! Liberals Stab Troops In Back!!!!

What more obvious a Stab In The Back than that the Civilian President has gone to Iranq for strictly domestic political agenda pandering:
President Barack Obama flew to Baghdad on Tuesday to meet U.S. military commanders and Iraqi leaders, making his first trip as president after announcing his new strategy to wind down the unpopular six-year-old war.
His arrival came a day after a string of seemingly coordinated bombings across the Iraqi capital killed 37 people. On Tuesday, a car bomb killed nine people and wounded 20 in the Shi'ite Kadhimiya district of northwest Baghdad, police said. [nL7548804].

The attacks underscored security challenges as the U.S. military prepares to implement Obama's order to withdraw all combat troops by August 2010.

[ cf Obama in Iraq to push for political progress ]
Where is the trip to Haliburton's HQ???

Or the visit with the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp?

Or the Crack Squads of Combat TeaBaggers????

NO!!! The civilian president just wants to push his god hating america bashing agenda of Statist Welfare Queenius!!!

How Absolutely HORRIBLE!!!
Tags: republican_pron

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