drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

UnHoly Defeatists Rumour Mongering... (GoPusMedia Style)

Hey boys and NonPerkin, did you know that the US Economy came within 3 hours of total collapse on September 18th, ( maybe was 2008, but who knows, no year included. ).

Which of course explains why the civilian president has set aside 80,000 returning from Iranq troops, to protect some of the welfare recipients who will not be getting on the black water helicopters, when america turns into one whole nation wide, well land of darkies like in the 9th ward.

So if you did not yet know it, the thin veneer of civilization is thinner than you know...

Hum... how can one even think that the economy was ever in any form of concern - since, well, clearly, we had a War President with the Unitary Executive Principle at hand - and thus any such Defeatist Rumour Monbering is merely stabbing our troops in the back...

And unless they really want to sell the HORROR that the civilian president can over rule the War President, how is it that they can fear that there is anything but the greatest of all times! Since Clearly the War President is still protecting us from the Iranqian Flying Saucers, and their evil darkie fellow travellors of the Black Irish Kabal of TaxAchusetts Sien Fien Pro-Communist Kliquests!

Thus we conclude that all is joyous and glabe!
Tags: republican_pron

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