drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Your Gun Game On...

Hum... Iowa Falls To The HARD LEFTIST Capital Gains Taxes that clearly smell of DickCheney's Radical Left Wing Excesive Regulatory Oversight by the Pure Vinyl Young Guns....

Since clearly who else could have imposed the ruling of the court but the Extra Branch of the War President's Government???

Mean while, we are all on pins and needles waiting for which excuse the Pro-War Camp is going to have if the shooter inside of the American Civic Center turns out to be one of their own TeaBagging Insurrectionists.

Yes, please, make us all understand that this is really caused by the Hard Leftists Like DickCheney's Pure Vinyl Young Guns, because of the liberals being soft on Darkies....

Remember Komrade Party members this is the 3rd Mass Shooting that the Evil Liberal Media is Falsely Reporting, since clearly, how can there be mass shooting events in america in a time of Transferring the tax liability unto the baby UBU, unless they are really trying to say that the War President no longer has the extra special Mind Power to keep the darkies and their Iranqianist Flying Saucers at bay...

And that would of course be treason of defeatist rumour mongering...
Tags: generic_fear, war

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