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Evil Liberals Hate The TRUE Guacamole On Fantasy Island

All very nice, but how about we ignore the bean-counters altogether? We can call it ‘mark-to-whatever-the-fuck-you-like accounting’. So Bank of America, for example, could write on its balance sheet that its current holdings consist of ‘50 gazillion bushels of hyperwealth’. AIG Financial Products could value its Escheresque maze of derivatives at ‘more than enough to cover everything plus infinity so shut the hell up, Krugman’.
[ cf Did Eliminating Biopsies Just Reduce The U.S. Cancer Rate? ]
and later on in the comments
“I don’t need to pay my electric bill this month, Mr. Electric Company Man. I have more than enough money to cover it, I have more than enough money to cover it, I have more than enough money to cover it. Since anything I tell you three times is true, you should just assume my bill has already been paid. In fact, I overpaid significantly, so send me a check for a couple thousand and we’ll call it even. Hey, who turned out the lights?!”
( op cit )
What Can I say....

We should all be allowed to dress up in gingham skirts, and click our heels together and say,
There is no Place Like Iowa!
There is no Place Like Iowa!
There is no Place Like Iowa!
And suddenly all of our marriages will be happy And Gay.

Why yes, your fiscal policy looks like it is planning to do the Pride Parade. The Whole Pride Parade...
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