drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Davide Lynch To Destroy Free World

Yes, kids, it’s a sequel to Repo Man, it’s being produced by David Lynch and according to writer-director Alex Cox’s blog it wrapped principal photography in the middle of February. There seems to be a very conscious effort underway to keep this one as under the radar as possible, with Cox saying not a word about the cast and the IMDb page being a total blank, but it’s coming and coming soon.
[ cf Flying Fast And Under The Radar, Alex Cox’s Repo Chick Wrapped Last Month ... ]

Making a Sequel to Repo Man is like trying to do the roof of the sistine chapel as a Kamp Musical!!!


They are evil!!!

Destroying Our White Christian American Heritage is just Not Gooder.

UPDATE: Mahalo covers repo chick.
Tags: bong_canada, film, republican_pron

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