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and this is news to whom???

Abu Zubaida was the alpha and omega of the Bush administration's argument for torture. That's why Sunday's front-page Washington Post story by Peter Finn and Joby Warrick is such a blow to the last remaining torture apologists. Finn and Warrick reported that "not a single significant plot was foiled" as a result of Zubaida's brutal treatment -- and that, quite to the contrary, his false confessions "triggered a series of alerts and sent hundreds of CIA and FBI investigators scurrying in pursuit of phantoms."

Zubaida was the first detainee to be tortured at the direct instruction of the White House. Then he was President George W. Bush's Exhibit A in defense of the "enhanced interrogation" procedures that constituted torture. And he continues to be held up as a justification for torture by its most ardent defenders. But as author Ron Suskind reported almost three years ago -- and as The Post now confirms -- almost all the key assertions the Bush administration made about Zubaida were wrong. Zubaida wasn't a major al Qaeda figure.

[ cf Dan Froomkin on the Torture of Abu Zubaida ]
But for those of you who have just come out of Cryonic Freeze, there are some intersting thingies, and stuff.

So what ARE we gonna do with all of the Pro-War Folks who were Pro-Torture...

Should they be ever so polite and self round themselves up for detention, as the civil and polite people they are deep, deep, DEep down inside??? Or should we send out the Homeland Security Task Forces... so that the kids in the new KommisarriateOfStateSecurityJuniorClub will be able to ride along and see how Enemies of the state are rounded up for recycling.
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