drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome....

... Why DO THEY Hate America?

I just got email from kitty about her daughter Alex who is in country. To put this in context - Alex is only a few years older than my daughter. Alex was the Horror Gestalt Moment when it hit me that we might not be that young any more! Since, Damn - that's Not Kitty - that's Alex.... Oye!!! Heart breaker and Life Taker....

And I should be offering Quarters to the SatOnTheirFaceCrowd who have been very clear in how committed they have been to their alledged rhetoric and political posturing how?

They had a chance to stand up and be counted! To Live Out their political Rhetoric! And they So did!!!

But the big difference is that an Ostrach is at least smart enough not to sit on his own head to try to hide from those scary things out there.

So folks. Now that we are so finished with the so call 'war' - and it's lack of importance to the Victims of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome. Here is a wild and crazy Idea, why don't we just close down the whole Freaking Military Industrial Complex and stop quartering troops upon the tax payers simply because the VOCHAS have their little 'issues'. Why don't we get a clue about what is not needed in the "Intelligence Community" - and that is a Domestic State Sponsored Terrorist Organization!!!

Yes, I understand that if the VOCHAS don't have their super duper extra special Domestic State Sponsored Terrorist Organization, how ever will they be able to get wood? They would not only have to buy their own viagra - but they would have to fantasise about, well, gosh, the enemies of america engaged in torturing civilians - or worse yet, they would have to fesss up to their little issues and go to Helga's House Of Pain!

So why don't we just deport the VOCHAS and if any of them can get back, maybe we consider allowing them a chance to work on a Green Card, and who knows, become at least modestly conversant about such subjects as which side the Founding Father's were on in the Federalist v. Anti-Federarlist Papers...

Heck, they might even decide that there were things about america that they could actually enjoy.

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