drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why your drieux Does Not Trust THEM.

Let us be honest. I use to have some respect for the semi-military training that Komsomol was SUPPOSE to be giving the Young Communists. It was SUPPOSE to be the case that this sort of pre-Induction Military Training was going to be of some significant enhancement to the Godless EVIL HORDES. Hence that what was needed in america wa s an abandonment of the CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEY CUT AND RUNNER APPEASEMENT of the boy scout and boys clubs...

I sort of stopped think much of the concern, when the Berlin Wall became mere HYPE for Pink Floyd. { by the way, which one is Pink? }

Then Komrade Party Leader Memeber shared with me an internataionally recognized story:
So I told my mother that I was off to my Morse Code studies.

Then we ditched out to meet boys and dance the night away....
So unlike the DEFEATIST CAPITULATIONISTS who are whining about the Evil Obama's National Service Kabal - because of course they come from a long line of draft dodgers...

I am concerned about the safety of INNOCENT YOUNG BOYS when Gangs Of Ravenous Military Trained NonMalePerkin go on a Rampage.

I should Know. I married one once...

I'd go into combat with her in a heart beat - just not sure we should dance or drink or see movies, or have fruit dipped in chocolate sauce, or long protracted discussions about Pythagorean Theories and their impact on the devolution of Math and Western Culture into the Decadent Bourgiese Sentimentality...

Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink....

Hold on a moment here, remind me why I care a large fart about draft dodger boys getting rampaged by Fleet NonMalePerKin???
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