drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

hey Kids, another draft dodger heard from...

Wow... did you hear it!!!
OMG, Obamanazi deficit Hitler Youth budget destruction Communism [sproing] OMG, treasonous Defeatocrat spending cuts will defund the troops.
[ cf It’s Almost As If They Don’t Value Consistency ]
Now do not get me wrong here.

Some of my best friends have known a civilian or two.

I just am not sure we want to allow them to move into our neighborhoods...

Oh hold it, i am not suppose to PERSECUTE the draft dodging SCUM who's only notion of "service leads to citizenship" is based upon prior military service... and that none of that HitlerYouthLeague stuff really counts for credit in purchasing a Cool Pass....

Now remind me again, why is this Wankiing Shorter Wank suppose to impress me with all of his having draft dodged his way through the thing he use to think were times of the nation being AtWarLikeRelatedInvestmentOpportunites.

Ah yes.... the fun summers in the HitlerYouthLeague, and then on to the KarlRoveArmouredFlyingSaucerKorp, and the inevitable run up the coast with The Great Nixon at the Head of the Grand Panzer Armee bringing Peace and Prosperity to Peking... without which they would still be brightly painted savages....
Tags: republican_pron

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