drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dum is nott Dumb

GOD do I sooo hate the Defeatist Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies who are not willing to support TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY in the KulturKampf against the Ubelievers.
Microsoft's Encarta finally lost the battle to Wikipedia and Internet in general. One of the best-known flagship entertainment titles from the Redmond-based software giant will soon be a goner. After sixteen years of existence (1993), Microsoft's decided to pull the plug on Encarta interactive software and shut down the accompanying online Encarta edition. Though the door has closed, in reality it hardly comes as a surprise. Encarta was faced with Wikipedia, Google's search engine and several online business models that predominantly lure users with free premium content.
[ cf Microsoft kills Encarta: Is society getting dummer? ]
HELLO, Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey of the GODLESS LIBERAL EVIL MEDIA!

It is DUMBER, with a B as in BatShitWingNutFart!!!


We are in the middle of a Holy Crusade....

Ok, so yesterday, over lunch one of our editors stopped me in mid kevetch and said,
We click, we do NOT click on
I mean I was getting blue pencilled before I even got anywhere NEAR a Period or a breath mark...

What this Country NEEDS is more People Doing their Part for the KulturKampf!
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