drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Only a 2% Failure To Comply With American Law!!!

And that really is not all that bad, now is it?
The review was ordered last December after reports that the database collected information on anti-war groups and U.S. citizens - prompting members of Congress and others to raise questions about possible domestic spying.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said there are about 13,000 entries in the database, and that less than 2 percent either were wrongly added or were not purged later when they were determined not to be real threats
Known as TALON - or the Threat and Local Observation Notice - the system was developed by the Air Force in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as a way to collect information about possible terrorist threats.

[ cf SI: Changes ordered to Pentagon database ]
Ok, so simply because Domestic Spying By The DOD is merely 100% Illegal doesn't mean that it is a bad thing that only 2% of the data acquired was clearly a violation of american law with regards to using the DOD as a State Sponsored Terrorist Organization seeking to intimidate american citizens.

Besides, there is a Need To Transfer The Tax Burden Onto the Unborn, and one of the Most Important THINGS when it comes to a time of transferring the Tax Burden Onto the Unborn, is an Illegal Domestic Spying Programme Run By The Military as a Form of State Sponsored Terrorism against any form of political opposition to the State Policy of Transferring the Tax Burden onto the Unborn!!! Is Traditional!!!

Ok, yes, if Hitlery and her RadFemiNazi's were doing this against God Fearing Patriotic Americans, do you think that the victims of chicken hawk angst syndrome would still be positive in their 'traditional family values' approach to Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism - knowing full well that at any moment Hitlery could order any member of the political opposition to be rendered to any number of overseas nations willing to extract the correct confession for the show trial. And would the VOCHAS be upset about that?

Nope, not in the least! This is why the VOCHA's violently Opposed the impeachment of a seated president while he had the authorization to take what ever military force was required to deal with Iraq..... Unlike those Anti-American God Hating Clinton Bashers who openly offered Aid And Comfort to the Enemy and were the Cause of the Attack on 9/11... So what do we say boys and girls?
Or the Terrorists Win!

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