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Sometimes Coders ARE your Friends....

I have been called the devil by strangers and “the Facilitator” by friends. It’s not uncommon for people, when I tell them what I used to do, to ask if I feel guilty. I do, somewhat, and it nags at me. When I put it out of mind, it inevitably resurfaces, like a shipwreck at low tide. It’s been eight years since I compiled a program, but the last one lived on, becoming the industry standard that seeded itself into every investment bank in the world.

I wrote the software that turned mortgages into bonds.

[ cf My Manhattan Project
How I helped build the bomb that blew up Wall Street. ]

The software in itself really is amoral.

It's like My GOD HATING AMERICA BASHER who was involved with the UnManned Recon Platforms, that are now used as Remote Targetted Killing Systems....

At the time, saving the lives of PeeLots who would be doing the Recon was not a bad thing. That others have opted to use that Technology to allow for "Targetted Killing" - that lovely euphenisms of DEATH SQUADING.... at Gazillion Times the Capital Costs!!! I mean Death Squading use to be a labor intensive solution.... You gets some guyz, you gets them guns, you tell them that the Liberals Are Coming, and they irradicate all forms of Liberalism - including the Nuns, and the women and children...

So please Boys and NonMalePerKin, try to understand what is actually being Automated!!! As the Author of the story noted
The software proved to be more sophisticated than the people who used it, and that has caused the whole world a lot of problems.
( op cit, emphasis mine )

What if a CORE part of the reason we like to have a Person In The Loop is that it is too easy to let things run away, when folks do not want to actually be responsible...

Yes, I can think of places where the human factor failed.

But maybe folks will want to think about, well, what it is that they Want the Geeks to do for them, and when are the Geeks SUPPOSE to say that they do not want to get Trash Canned by the "Masters Of The Universe"...

Ah yes, you know, as if american culture were sorta able to get past being "High Skool Musical N".
Tags: economics, geek_stuff

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