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One thing you learn rather quickly when working at the International Monetary Fund is that no one is ever very happy to see you. Typically, your “clients” come in only after private capital has abandoned them, after regional trading-bloc partners have been unable to throw a strong enough lifeline, after last-ditch attempts to borrow from powerful friends like China or the European Union have fallen through. You’re never at the top of anyone’s dance card.
"The challenges the United States faces are familiar territory to the people at the IMF. If you hid the name of the country and just showed them the numbers, there is no doubt what old IMF hands would say: nationalize troubled banks and break them up as necessary."

[ cf The Quiet Coup (emphasis mine) ]
Or as God Hater America Basher Noted:
But asking the Freaks at the IMF if they have read Shock Doctrine, is like asking YOU if you have read Catch-22
Which I think helps explain why so many folks fail to understand how much the IMF merely wants people to like them....

Ah yes....

What IF americans were obliged to live in the reality they created?

Rather than in the reality that would be the reality, if only it had been more realer, and without all of the Smoke, Mirrors, and Deep Market Fundamentalist Chanting about keeping TinkerBelle alive...

Fortunately it will not be required.

Now More than EVER we must Thank GOD for RoboBushCheneyParis!!
They Shiney!
And Fashionably Fashionable!
And not bogged down in the failed rhetoric of the pre-911 culture of Market Fundamentalism...
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