drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not Protective Custody?

It's the Greatest Renditioning Prospect Ever!

Did you notice that folks are still not sure which side they are on about helping those who are the evil doing evil doers here in america?
As a result, there will be no trailer park in Lakewood Estates, a collection of solid, spacious homes behind a high locked gate in the Algiers section.

Last weekend, angry residents of the neighborhood took to the street to protest a trailer park being built on their doorstep by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for 34 single women and their children who were left homeless by the hurricane. FEMA, their signs proclaimed, was "raping" their neighborhood.

[ cf AmPravda: FEMA Trailer Park Fails to Survive Storm From Residents ]
Why Not The Actual Algiers?

We do special renditioning to so many other lovely places, why not simply send the less desirable elements off to places where they will feel more at home, especially while they are learning to be useful members of society rather than the sort of God Hating America Bashers who Hate America and want to destroy our White Christian America!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists Win!

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