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Speaking of Shay's Rebellion...

Hey Boys and NonPerkin:
The rebellion started on August 29, 1786. A militia that had been raised as a private army defeated an attack on the federal Springfield Armory by the main Shaysite force on February 3, 1787. There was a lack of an institutional response to the uprising, which energized calls to reevaluate the Articles of Confederation and gave strong impetus to the Constitutional Convention which began in May 17, 1787.
[ cf Shay's Rebellion ( emphasis mine ) ]

A private army, Raised to save the Government????

How can this be if all believe that the Constitution NATIONALIZED War Fighting as a COMMUNIST DOMINATED WELFARE STATIST JACK BOOTED IRONFISTED ASSAULT on the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!

Clearly we can only conclude that Herbert Hoover, the Communist, caused the Great Depression because he hated the Guacamole, since as a Communist.... oh sorry, that is the logical conclusion for the great depression denail festival, and is true also if one had asserted that the Sun Came Up.... Sorry.

And of course, this also establishes that ONLY the War President, blessed by God's Divine Argument From Divine Comedy, is the only person who can arbitrate when the Dictates of the Free Trade In Free Markets mandate a war like thingie, but in a way that is important for supporting the president to support the Homeland Security Investment Bubble, without the unpleasant lapsing into supporting the welfare state Queens of the DOD....

Granted, another interpretation would be that there might have been a well thought out reason for why the adoption of a Mixed Market Economic Model, in which the Government is MANDATED to interfere in the Free Market, by managing various facets of the Not Completely NATIONALIZED ARMED FORCES, with say:
The formal statement of the warrant is to authorize the agent to pass beyond the borders of the nation ("marque" or frontier), and there to search, seize, or destroy an enemy's vessel or fleet. It is considered a retaliatory measure short of a full declaration of war, and, by maintaining a rough proportionality, has been intended to justify the action to other nations, who might otherwise consider it an act of war or piracy. As with a domestic search, arrest, seizure, or death warrant, to be considered lawful it needs to have a certain degree of specificity to ensure that the agent does not exceed one's authority and the intent of the issuing authority.
[ cf Letter Of Marque ]
which would suggest that when this became an enumerated right in ARTICLE I, assigned to congress, that, uh, there was no reason that these should be passed along to Welfare statists in the executive branch, also a point that might well be worth the debate....

But at that point we have well and truly established that the Founding Fathers adopted a Mixed Market Model, and as all know in popular parlance that is Socialism, Which is Code Word For Communism.

So I guess we have to start the national debate from the position that the Founding Fathers were all REDs, no matter what Justice Scalia and his TeleTubbie Friends would prefer....

Granted, we could go into some alternative slip stream steam punk reality in which some other set of founding fathers had debated other ways of doing which ever position the Libertarian NeoCon FnckWitBoyFriends have been trying to pimp to the voting population!!!

Hum... What if Actual American History were central to the meme war?
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