drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But Nukes Stop Virii And Vermin

My Pet Favorite Collection of Whiners The MojoWire got a little paniky over the president's firm resolution and commitment to use Federal Troops to supress any problems that might arise from any avian flu episodes. Well It's About TIME! I say.

What with the Communist Insurgency up In SF, where the 2nd class citizens, who work for the public school system, are agitatting that they should be treated like actual Born Persons! With Real Rights! Just Like the Very Same Rights That Jesus Gave the Unborn In The Real American Constitution that the True Founding Fathers Always Supported!

Well that looks like a Serious Out Break of Avian Flu to me. I mean can we afford to allow the ongoing Communist Insurgency in SF to threaten the Free Republic with their Dangerous Radical Extremism!

And now, when folks say, "nuke 'em from space, it is the only way to be sure."

They can say it with all of the Love In Their Heart; knowing that they really are supporting the Greatest Military Leader EVER! Protect americans from the mounting threat that America might fall to the americans.

I mean folks need to understand that one can love the sinner, and still nuke first and ask questions later.

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