drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The KulturKampf is ON.

A most excellent awakening by vanmojo in his Know Your Enemy how the core of Dominionist Theology REALLY Works.

They do not watn to openly call for a 'theocracy', except when they screw up, but want to restore the Korrekt Kultur, so that the STATE IS THE CHURCH and the Church IS the State.

It was not that long ago when I was raising the question about
Wives be silent in the church.
And psuedo-cons were so convinced that this was an insane argument point. Since, how would it apply.

The bigger challenge is,
How Would It NOT Apply?
When there is no distinction between church and state.
The real IRONY here is that this is being pimped as a Libertarian Posture, since it is being Pimped AS 'the withering away of the state' but in a GodWay and not as a Secular Humanist Materialist way.

So I agree with vanmojo that this is not a time to try to re-win the last war.

But perchance the more important concern is how DO we go about resolving the core questions of KulturKampf? What is it that we should be doing with the gambits about 'faith v. reason'???

Should americans go back and understand that while yes, the Scopes Trial is over thrown on a Legal technicality by the Hard Left Appeals Court, and the radical left in the government opt against retrying the case. That the Glorious State of Texas - where there is a SINGLE state wide school book purchasing Combine - goes forward with watering down what can be said about science in science books - and that game plays forward to this very day...

And worse yet - students have no idea why their public school text books about science are such pablum...

So what IF we got back INTO the game, and started working on the hard questions again? What is meaning? What is Value? Can a Market Theory Provide Meaning and Value? Or are these constructs that can only come by divine revelation???
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