drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

War With Indonesia?

Spokesman for the West Papua People's United Struggle, Arkilaus Baho, says the security forces are committing human rights abuses against the civilian population.

He says the students are demanding the closure of the U.S-owned Freeport mine in Papua, the withdrawal of the military and police from the province, and a full investigation into human rights abuses there.

[ cf VOA: Papuan Students Protest Rights Abuses in Indonesia ]
Well Indonesia does have an I in it, and Papua does not, therefore are we more at war with Indonesia?

Or because of their Failure to Suppress the Papuan Terrorist Cells that are threatening our White Christian America with their scary stories about Human Rights Abuses, as if Americans actually admitted that anyone Other that Party Loyalists, and the unborn, were actually Human, and had any more Rights than those Offered by the State Security Apparatus in compliance with Congress's Decision that the President can do what ever he wants to do in this time of transfering the tax burden onto the Unborn!!!

Now More Than Ever We Should Be Bombing Someone back into the Stone Age,


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