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Evil Liberals Hate The Guacamole, Because They ARE Not Willing To Take Profligate Children To Task

A bunch of liberals are trying to make everyone get all boo-hoo-hooey over homeless children and so they’ve issued a report claiming that there are a bunch of them. In fact, since I haven’t personally seen any homeless children, there can’t really be all that many. But these bleeding-heart bozos are claiming that kids who’ve lost their homes and moved in with other people are homeless. Who came up with that dumbass idea?1 Why do kids have to have their own homes? Whatever happened to mi casa es su casa, mi cabra es su cabra and all that? Besides I don’t claim I’m homeless every time I go visit my brother. And the liberals count kids living in motels as homeless.2 Why does a home have to have a kitchen? What’s wrong with a hot plate? These kids in motels probably have swimming pools, maid service, ice machines and free HBO. They’re living better than I am! Also, kids who lost their homes in Katrina don’t count because there’s nothing that anyone could do to stop a hurricane. But worst of all, the report uses appealing pictures of tots when honesty would require using instead pictures of obese welfare queens, toothless men panhandling in front of liquor stores, and drug addicts with tattoos and track marks.
[ cf Home Is Where The Goat Is ]
The numbers in there refer to Mission Accomplished George's definitions for The No Child Left Behind standards for which services should be provided by the Military, and which parts were not required as a part of Militarizing the education of children.

Clearly if these so called Homeless Children had learned the importants of a totally deversified portfolio, with the correct balance of Hedge Risk Avoidance CounterParty ScenarioIzation based upon the appropriate and applicacable "Mark To FantasyIsland" economic policies, then they would still own the sort of Government that would do the right thing by their investment strategy.

BUT do kids want to be held responsible???

I say if some three year old is not willing to do his part to learn to be responsible, there is always the USMC that can teach them some discipline and a personal sense of Dignity based upon becoming one more failed Welfare Statist Queen who failed to create their own Homeland Security Investment Bubble!!!
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