drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Is Amnesty International?

And Why Do They Hate America???

So why should we believe them when they say bad things about america? Since we TOO are involved in stopping the Insurgencies, since we are now clear that there is morer than one, and that some of this is associated with IslamoCommunism and the other Actual Real Imaginary Weapon Systems that threaten our White Christian American Way Of Life!
Amnesty International has suggested that Djibouti was one of the countries where prisoners allegedly abducted and mistreated by the US were held.
The report, based on interviews with former detainees, also links the US practice of "rendition" to the torture or ill-treatment of terror suspects.

[ cf bbc: US 'used Djibouti' in rendition ]
Are You As SHOCKED As I Am?

Don't these folks KNOW that anyone who has been released from Protective Custody, and who talks about their time in Protective Custody, has violated the rules of their release from Protective Custody, therefore Amnesty International Is merely taking the word of People Who Hate America AND were under Protective Custody, and have clearly violated their release from Protective Custody, hence validating that they Were Terrorists, and continue to be Terrorists by Continuing to Hate America!!! Therefore these persons should be returned to Protective Custody until they cease to be a threat to Our White Christian America!!!

Clearly Now More Than Ever Americans MUST demand the detention of these Pro-Terrorists who form the Terrorist Clique Amnesty International, as they clearly Oppose Our White Christian American Way of Life, and therefore are in league with the Terrorists!!! They should be detained in Protective Custody for as long as it will take to help them revitalize their lives and become productive members of society no longer committed to International Terrorism!

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