drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

FDIC - Proof that Godless America Bashers Hate the Guacamole...

Hey boys and NonPerkin.

Did you notice that while the big flows in commerical paper have locked up.

That we have not seen the evil plebian masses piling on by pulling their money out of FDIC insured accounts?


What if it is a GOOD thing that FDIC has reassured the bulk of the plebian masses that they are not as at risk as they had been back in the 1890, or 1929, Economic Market Repositioning of a Lack of Demand.

Could it be that this, married to the unemployment insurance programmes, have been able to keep demand alive?

OR!!!! Should we demand that since Obama is EVIL, that they MUST stop the FDIC, as a part of protecting us from the evil of liberalism, and the molly coddling effect of provieing various COMMUNIST THREATS TO FREEDOM that occur when people no longer have to stay trim, and in shape, so as to stay out in front of the Bank Run....

HUM.... could it be that Allowing FDIC is like treating water, and that like the clear and compelling need to get more americans able to live a wholesome and fulfilling life that comes from not having to drink toxin free water!!!

Clearly as americans free themselves from the FAILED LIBERAL FOLLIES of FDR, such as FDIC, americans will be able to return to the kinder and gentler more halcyon days of long gone past...
Tags: economics

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