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Who Is Negroponte ...

And Why DOES he Hate America!
One laptop per child...
Nicholas Negroponte has defended his proposed $100 laptop for kids in the developing world and promised they'll be shipping by later this year or early 2007.

Giving the opening keynote at LinuxWorld - not an open source theme park, but an IDG conference - Negroponte played to the crowd by saying: "When you have Intel and Microsoft on your case you know your doing something right."

Both firms have recently criticised the machine, partly at least for not including technology from either company. Gates said a shared machine needed a bigger screen and a hard disk. Intel also criticised the project, while announcing its own sub-$300 machine, saying it was too limited and more like a PDA than a PC.
Negroponte, founder of MIT's Media Lab, announced a tweak to the laptop's design. It will be powered by a hand crank, like Trevor Bayliss's radio, but this has been moved from the laptop itself to the power unit. Because of this, the final version may use a foot pedal rather than a hand crank.

[ cf Negroponte defends the hundred dollar laptop ]
Can There be ANY doubt in anyone's mind that this is more of the same old Politics of Destruction as Radical Left Wing Extremists OPPOSE the Divine Will Of The Imaginary Hand of the Market Place that is the basis by which all americans remain free today, since it was the free market that won the cold war and will go on winning the Perpetual War, at least as long as these Devil Worshipping God Haters are not allowed to Oppose the Divine Will!!!

Don't These PERVERTS understand that by Opposing the Divine Will of the Imaginary Hand of the Market Place that they are Opposing the Greatest Military Leader EVER! And therefore they are alligned with the TERRORISTS!!!!

Stop them before they Destroy Our White Christian America With their Evil Doing!!!

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