drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got RPG's?

*Republican Specter opposes labor bill

*Labor, Democrats refuse to concede defeat

*May be a factor in Specter's 2010 reelection bid

[ cf UPDATE 1-Republican opposes US labor bill, may doom measure ]
Hey Art Majors...

You of course remember Matewan and of course how in the history, the folks seeking to unionize were the troops back from the war on the eastern front...

So... uh, will the cheese easting surrender monkies in the NRA support the call to allow the adoptions of M203's as a standard part of the average sportsman right to be well dressed in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU.

Or are they gonna wimp out again... because they are pansies who think the 2nd ammendment is about pansy sports for faggot assed nancy girls.
Tags: republican_pron

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