drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Terrorists Attack White Christian America!!!

God Hating America Bashing Spawn of Satan Asserted:
So, I'm thinking that this WASN'T a good idea...
with regards to CONGRESS PASSES WIDE-RANGING BILL EASING BANK LAWS - which is an article from November of 1999, showing that Dick Cheney had already begun his brutal assault on white Christian America with his GodLess excessive Jack Booted Soul Crushing Extremists Zombie Canadainist Cyborg cylon Excessive Governmental Regulation of the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!

Yes, yes, yes - godless unbelievers will try to tell you that if you read that COMMUNIST FRONT ORGANIZATION PROPOGANDA that you would think it was about congress passing a wide ranging bill easing bank laws.

Which is what the Evil Godless Cyborg Cylone Zombie Canadianist Evil Hard Left Liberal Media would want you know now!!!

But all TRUE americans know that this is clear and compelling proof that Dick Cheney was a Regulator imposing Soul Stealing Faiery Dust on the Banking Industry as a part of his Main Force Communist Assault On Our White Christian America because he HATES Guacamole!!!
Tags: economics, republican_pron

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