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Radical Hard Left Communist Klique Threatens Freedom!

A month after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal complained about wasteful spending in President Obama's economic stimulus package, including money for "something called 'volcano monitoring,'" Alaska pilots were grateful for such expenditures. The Alaska Volcano Observatory was ready with warnings to flight officials when Alaska's Mount Redoubt blew five times Sunday night and Monday morning, sending potentially deadly ash clouds north of Anchorage.
Volcano monitoring became a political issue when Jindal gave the Republican response to President Obama's message to Congress on the economic stimulus package. Jindal said the package was "larded with wasteful spending," including $140 million for volcano monitoring. U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Anchorage wrote Jindal and said volcano monitoring is a matter of life and death in his state. He made the point again after the eruptions. "I sleep better knowing the scientists are at work at the AVO keeping track of this activity," he said by e-mail...

[ cf If There Is Any Justice, Bobby Jindal's National Political Career Is Over ( emphasis mine ) ]
First off, notice that the COMMUNIST Liberal media tries to cover up the fact that Pilots are one of the last bastions of the Hard Lefts Core Communist Klique of Unionists who have been destroying the economy.

So what we have here is more of the same old failed Communist front Propoganda that Pilots should be granted massive Governmental Largess so that they can crush the hopes and dreams of hard working people.

Clearly if Americans Understood that they could get cheaper flights if they were willing to take the risks of flying through volcanic eruptions, ice storms, and into other air planes, then the Consumers would be able to enjoy not ONLY the economic freedom of a free Trade In Free Markets! But the Personal Integrity that comes from the freedom from being turned into some form of nancy girlie boy who wants to land safely each time they take off in a flights!!!

RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMaleMen[dm] are not afraid of crashing large things into other things!!! It is what makes Men Masculinely Male Manly Men!!!

This is just more of the same FAILED LIBERAL AGENDA that believes that the State should provide Cholera, Typhoid, and Dystentary Free Water!!! Rather than leaving these things up to the Free Trade of the Free Market!

Clearly RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMaleMen[dm] are not afraid of a little contaminated water!!! Since Manly Male Masculine Men do not drink water!!! as it comes from the Toilets, and Plants to do Grow in Toilets! Which is why real men drink Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator!!!

Americans MUST learn the discipline of the Free Trade In The Free Market!!! Or they will all become pansies!!!

Clearly we MUST STOP SCIENCE!!! Before it turns all RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMaleMen[dm] into sissy mary software men!!!
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