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CRA, First As Tragedy, Then as Flatulence....

God, I was sooooooo surprised to see someone trying to blame the current crisis of faith in the financial sector on the Community ReInvestment Act (1978) - but without knowing enough to know that this was what they were trying to whine about.

But let us put our Thinking Kaps On. We know that the evil CRA is what caused the banks to make the risky investment in risky mortguages. Which explains why banks in France, Italy and Scottland, not to mention IceLand had classical Bank Run Fiasco's.

The CRA forced them to buy Risky Mortguage Backed BigBagsOhPooh.

You see, there it is. Clear and Compelling PROOF Postive of
The Evil IslamoFascistCryptoPapistMomonistZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDeliMittBookStore
Which clearly unmasks the Darkness of The Darkies and their One World DarkyNeff!!!

So say it Loud, and Say It Proud!!!
Dig HERE! Dig Now! Produce More!
Since various forms of Pooh make perfectly good BioFuels...

Hum... is there a particular reason that Morte Guage, derives itself from the Latin for "Dead Hand", as if this were some LOLCat Pragma:
I Can Have Asset Backed Securities?
over a picture of a cat in the kitty litter...
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