drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Godless Liberals Destroy Happiness With Clean Water...

Matthew Yglesias considers the AEI at one remove:
Charles Murray’s Praise of Human Misery: I kind of scanned Charles Murray’s recent big AEI speech expecting to read something interesting, since I’d seen quite a few conservatives offer it lavish praise. As best I could tell, though, his argument is that the problem with a social democratic model is that it makes people too fat and happy, thus depriving them of the higher contentment offered by suffering and misery.
It's a wonder that Charles Murray doesn't come out against water treatment plants--after all, unless you fear that today might be the day your baby dies of dysentery, you can never be truly happy...
[ cf Why Friends Don't Let Friends Step Inside the American Enterprise Institute ]
Well, there you have it.

One more Supperior reason why fluridating the water is about communism.

Not to mention that children who are not able to find clean water in a Zombie Infestted Post-Apocalyptic Holocaust have been overly molly coddled by the horrors of the Evil Liberal Regimes that oppose Cholera, Typhoid, and various other water born diseases.

Are YOU doing YOUR part to keep america safe from these Folks who want to use Science!!!
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