drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

solving the Bad Asset Problems...

Hey Kids, why not
Drill here, drill now, pay less
It worked sooooo well for solving the problem of oil prices rising.

Clearly we can use more drilling into the assets of the various companies that need to have big holes bored into their head to let all of the FreeDome Fries out.

You see, when you think outside of reality, you are no longer constrained by the failed Evil Liberal Pre-911 culture of mere RealityBasedCommunities.

Ok, so one of My EVIL GodHating AMERICA BASHING liberal fiends wanted me to read the MURDERED TREE PERSON version of Newt Again, since they are evil and read Dead Media, such as the Godless Failed Liberal Media output.

And it was SOOOO funny, no seriously, HA-HA funny, to read about how successful the whole Drill here, drill now, pay less comedy had some how solved something about the economic and geological issues around how to have an ongoing Oil Based Economy...

So clearly, well, we must be able to reapply that Great Military Victory to the new problems that also MUST have true Military Victories... OR THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!

Since the alternative would be to retreat back into the reality based community and STAB OUR HOLY CRUSADERS IN THE BACK by abanoning Faith Based Economics and Faith Based Reality.
Tags: economics, republican_pron

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