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World Net Daily supports Mutiney...

Ah yes...
An invitation to soldiers and peace officers across the United States to pledge to refuse illegal orders – including "state of emergency" orders that could include disarming or detaining American citizens – has struck a chord, collecting more than 100,000 website visitors in a little over a week and hundreds of e-mails daily.

Spokesman Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers told WND his organization's goal is to remind military members their oath of allegiance is to the U.S. Constitution, not a particular president.

He said the organization deliberately does not collect the names of those who subscribe to Oath Keepers' beliefs because of their status mostly as active duty soldiers.
The U.S., Rhodes noted to WND, was launched as a natural law republic, meaning the founders recognized all rights come from God, not the government.

The founders, many of whom ended up active militarily in the revolution, rebelled "against the principle" that a king or parliament could rule them.

[ cf Soldiers pledge to refuse disarmament demands
Campaign urges members of military to 'steel resolve' to 'do the right thing']
Funny, how not that long ago, the WND was not willing to concieve that it was possible to have unlawful orders...

Since of course, all torture is good torture...

And now... now what is this...

Besides who can miss the clear argument in the US Constitution that the government is a gift of the one true god....

Are you doing your part to keep us safe from the UnBelievers?
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