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Rich people and free trade are imperiled. While Obama’s distracted by healthcare daydreams, cynical congressional Democrats are threatening rich executives at AIG with bills of attainder, ex post facto laws, outright murder, and (worst of all) breach of contract by withholding the bonuses that such salt of the earth types deserve. Any populist objection to executive bonuses is a cynical ploy; ergo, this is a naked powergrab by socialist demagogues which, if successful, will destroy the world economy conclusively and forever.
[ cf Crapcaphony ]

Who can doubt that this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that DearOldDickCheney was always a Godless America Bashing Regulator undermining the will of the free Market...

Ok. so I like the whole "the shorter XXXX" construct, but sadly no, I am not going to engage in that evil.
Tags: republican_pron

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