drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should there be an official news organization?

Komrade party leade3r haineux noted two good articles in Daring Fireball gives me a couple of really really smart pointers which cover a lot of tech stuff, but along the way raise the core question
Would an intelligence revolution be mo better?
since people will still need to resolve if they trust the news like products being passed to them.

I mean who today would doubt that Saddam Hussein lead the Iranqian Flyings Saucers to attack the world trade center, and that this was shown to be clearly the root cause reason that americans opted to restore the wetlands in Iranq for the TreeHuggerInChief.

I mean, the clear and cogent arguments that were rationally put forward and debated, were so clear and cogent, and compelling....

What better proof can we also present than the ideological purity of the so called financial press, that has so clearly established beyond a doubt that the rational expectations of the market are miraculousely miraculouse!

So maybe there is a clear clarion call for americans to work out what they consider 'actionable intelligence', and do they want to be a part of the solution, or the problem.
Tags: generic_fear, intelligence_revolution, republican_pron

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