drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why I Find Reaganites make the Best Stoners...


On the one hand they have this emotional attachment to the fifties, but are very afraid to test any of their theoretical knowledge - since there are some really scary things that will byte them in the ARSE!!!

First off if we are to by the throw back to laissez faire capitalism, and the majikal hope that majikally, the majik will be majikal - then there is that core problem:
How did laissez faire capitalism cause the rise of the middle class culture?
Since if you can not resolve that core contradiction, then the fetish for the fifties fails grotesquely! Since one is yearning for something that systemically one is also opposing by opposing the very things that brought the fifties into play!!!

I mean, if the very cause of the creation of the Middle Class is not the Romantic Spencerianist Survival of the Fitist so called Social Darwinism that is the Mythological ROOT of the John Galt rugged individualism of Randianist Mysticism....

Then why should one want to have a fetish for the fifties?

Obviously a backlash against the whole 'anti-middle class' whine of the sixties, as people start trying to deal with the various problems of how to add meaning, now that the Bear Necessities are fundamentally being satisfied....

As well as noticing that in spite of how good things are going, there are still so many who are below the poverty level...

So the 'retreat to the fifties' mythos, is core to 'movement conservatives' - since, well, the sixties were the evil times - when there were civil rights, negroes allowed to live with white people, and women wanted to be considered as if they were actual human beings, and all of those BAD THINGS that were just SOOOO WRONG!

Thus the dialectical tension within the whole NeoConClownCarCrew comes crashing down in one very amusing
They SOOOO Jumped The Shark
in ways that are... well, just tooo funny...

They want an economic theory that opposes the rise of the very middle class that they want to protect, from those who are opposed to mere Bourgeoisies Sentimentality - ah yes... as if any of that was ever that simple in the sixties...

So to all the Stoner NeoConClownCarCrew,
You Be Totally Baked
Tags: economics, republican_pron

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