drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Save The Free Enterprise System From Excessive Governmental Regulation

For those of you who do not spend the requisite 30 minutes a day doing your mandatory PT in front of the News Like Shows,

trying to understand why both the Daily Show and The Colbert Report have not gone to full fledge 24 hour stations, and so have to occasionally go information slumming with Fox News in it's Meage A Troi with CNN and MSNBC, you may not have noticed that the Big Stud Muffin News of the Day was this child who five years ago, as a 13 year old, had the brilliant insight into the glories of the American Way Of Life - and went live on the Internet as Porn Star In The Making!!!! Now of course he is testifying to congress. Which is where we have to start worrying. As the pundits noted:
Internet Child Pornography - 20 Billion Dollars Annual
Internet Music Sales - 3 Billion Dollars Annual
Hum... Which really needs more protection from the Abuses of the EVIL FAILED LIBERALS and their excessive Governmental Regulation in the Burgeoning 20 Billion Dollars A Year Growing Market In Child Pornography???? I Mean can we seriously Allow Those EVIL LIBERALS to destroy the lives of innocent children who could tomorrow be making More Money than Even Bill Gates!!!

Famous Child Pornography Stars Need to make the money while the chances are easy, and early!!!! So that they can then roll that money over into long term investment opportunities buying up obscure 3rd world dictatorships, where they can retire and enjoy the Good Life!!!! Do We REEALLY want the Evil LIBERALS destorying these children's chances for happiness? With their Meddling Excessive Governmental Regulations? The Same Evil Liberals who Oppose the President's Medicaire Progrrams, Who Opposed the President's Liberation of Iraq, who Opposed the President's Privatization of Social Security!!!!

Clearly if these Radical Leftist, God Hating American Bush Bashers are Allowed to Impose their Evil Excessive Governmental Regulations of the Child Pornography Industry, what will there be left in America TO Sell to the nations who might no longer want to risk Dollar Denominated Transactions....

So NOW more than Ever Americans Should SUPPORT the President's No Child Left Behind and make sure that all children have the opportunity to make millions of Dollars as their Share in the Burgeoning E-Biz of Child Pornography!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!!!

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