drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Support the ChickenGalts....

*Since none of the loudest ‘going Galt’ enthusiasts are actually and literally going Galt, can we devise a name for this group? Humble suggestion: Chickengalts.
[ cf Who Moved My Jesus? ]
now these are tough times, and trying to be a Galt while sorting out if the Anti-Christi Obama is more Anti-Christi than the last one, and does this really mean liquidate one's portfolio and go in live in the mountains waiting for the mother ship to take you home....

Well, those are tough questions, and not for the feint of heart....

And Chickens are really very militant, which is like being militaryistic, and then there were the Great ChickenHawks who defeated the unbelievers not only during that vietnam thing, but the whole IranqianEsqueNeff...

So be a pall and support your Local ChickenGalt...
Tags: republican_pron

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