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What Will The Monkies Do?

Evil God Hating America Basher III noted to webby things:Wired for War ( The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century ) and the cnet call out Q&A: The robot wars have arrived.

But what I found most disturbing was his kvetch:
No real answer to what war is, but some interesting points about what will probably happen in future wars.

It makes Watchmen look slightly more relevant, not in terms of the Cold War MADness, but the new new madness. I still think meme war solutions are the only way to reduce physical war. And obviously there are complex quality constraints on the memes involved.

( Super Sekret Memo From Evil Liberal Kabal 2/32b )

Replacing warfare with the Life And Death Struggle for the Dominant Meme!!!!

Or should that be a concern about what, if any, constraints should be placed on memes - especially in their life and death struggle.

Oh hold it, there is a Meme Domination Struggle already;
But the deeper problem here isn't that a few conservative pointy-heads are getting their egos bruised by Rush's broadsides; it's that conservative politicians seem to be spending an awful lot of time looking over their shoulders these days, worried about what Limbaugh and company have to say about them. (Bobby Jindal's much-panned response to Obama, for instance, could have been ghost-written by Rush, and sure enough, Rush was the only one who liked it.) And this is something that reformers should be worried about: The GOP's leaders desperately need some space in which to experiment a little, on policy and otherwise, and they don't seem to have it at the moment. Maybe criticizing Limbaugh isn't the best way to open up that space - but at the very least you can see where the impulse comes from.
[ cf A Final Word On Rush ]
Oh yeah, as if we can really expect the DEFEATIST Kut undr Run Kapitulationist Appeasers such as David Frum and the new kid Ross Douthat, who are so clearly stabbing our Welfare Queens in the armed force in the back for being... uh, welfare queens, that Rush hates, because rush believes in the moral purity of the free trade in the thingus and pooohs...


Remind me again, which is truly more fearful? A badly working definition of 'warfare', or one where there is a real threat that it might leak out of word slinging in the Meme-o-sphere, and into implementation specific details....

What if it were time for americans to take serious the war in the meme-o-sphere as a critical part of the problem, and that there is a need to find ways to work with the issues there, before they get messier.
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